Collecting stones of all shapes and sizes throughout Asia is centuries old.
Today, it is estimated that over 6 million people are involved in this wonderful hobby.

Stones can look like any manner of objects from mountains,
islands, people or animals, the range is endless.

Suiseki Australia is a specialist group within The School of Bonsai Inc.
It was formed in 1996 and has members throughout Australia,
with affiliations in Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, China,
Phillipines, Singapore, Indonesia, Germany and France.

There are 8 meetings per year, at 7pm for a 7.30pm start.
at the Don Moore Centre, North Rocks Road, North Rocks.

Other activities include daiza workshops, and field trips to hunt stones.

Joining fee (once only) $5
Annual membership fee $15

When you join Suiseki Australia you become an Associate Member of The School of Bonsai Inc

Cheques/money orders payable to The School of Bonsai Inc


Suiseki Australia
PO Box 383
Sylvania Southgate
NSW 2224

Email -

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